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Exploitation and Management Operations

It is to manage, exploit and operate irrigation projects in HCM City’s sub-urban regions in which there are 2 key ones including Cu Chi Eastern canal – N31A and Hoc Mon-Bac Binh Chanh system. Furthermore, the company has managed the other along Saigon river, in District 9 and Thu Duc district, etc.

- Irrigation areas: Above 30,000 ha of cultivation land.

- Irrigation works scale under the company’s management.

+ Total canal length:
1,000 km

+ Total construction works: 3,000 works

+ Investment capital: Above 1,000 bil. VND

+ Besides effectively agricultural services, diversification on cultivated plants and bred animals, the projects have already contributed other objectives such as water supply for living activities, industries, environment improvement, sub-regional climate conditioning, etc.

+ Cu Chi Eastern Canal has been concreted completely.

- Water source exploitation for various objectives:

+ Ho Chi Minh City’s agricultural service: High-quality breed plant, safe vegetables, orchid, specialized fish cultivation in combination with occupational village and ecological tourism: Breeding shrimps, ornamental fishes, crocodile, orchard.

+ Water supply for living activities, industries in Ho Chi Minh City:

 F Eastern canal water supply factory project with 150,000-300,000m3/day which is on construction.

 F Water supply for the City’s Northwest urban area and surrounding industrial parks with 50,000-100,000m3/day.

- Technological application in managing and operating irrigation systems:

+ Informatics application in managing and operatiing irrigation works. (GIS, IMSOP).

+ Automatic discharge and water level  measurement stations (SCADA).

+ Operation electrification of main irrigation works in Cu Chi Eastern Canal.

+ 2-way auto doors for tidal irrigation projects.

+ The irrigation projects have been installed landmarks, flooding indications.

+ The enterprises and stations have been upgraded in line with modernization.

+ Human resource has been highly paid attention for project management more effectively.

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